Welcome to Somec-USA's blog page.  Celebrating the unique history, events and new developments from the Gallegati's home in Santa Agata sul Santerno, Emiglia-Romagna Italia.  See proud owners' collections here as well as historical facts (for example, stories about the Giro's passage through Somec's home town in 1914; biographical notes on the famous WWI fighter pilot Francesco Barraca for whom the Spad is named after), and updates on new technology and happening at Somec Italia.  Contact me at garydevoss@gmail.com or Somec-Usa on Facebook for content you have, and Ill post it here.  Ciao, Gary


James' perfect 1986 Somec w/ Delta engraved components. A masterpiece!  Send me your Somec photos to my email garydevoss@gmail.com and I'll publish them here.